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We did it! We won the Best New Metal Lure Award for our new A-STATIC Rattlin Spoon. Thank you all for the great support we get from all of you. We are so happy that more people are tagging along on this incredible journey.

The past year, MADCAT have been working on new innovation to bring to the cat-fishing scene. Throughout the years, MADCAT has always brought their top game, and this year was no exception.

A-STATIC Rattlin Spoon – Best New Metal Lure
The A-STATIC Rattling Spoon swims like a spoon, but has a rotating body with little rattles inside, to attract even more attention. MADCAT integrated the A-STATIC-Concept in their new spoon. A-STATIC is a custom rubber coating that minimizes the electric field around the metal parts, which spooks catfish. When the catfish is hunting, it sends out an electric magnetic field. Metal parts are not a natural element in the water, which the catfish can easily pick up. The A-STATIC concept disguises the signal of metal and increases your chances of success significantly.

Product features
– A-STATIC coating on the body of the spoon that minimizes the electric field
– A-STATIC coated hooks made not to spook the catfish
– Rotating spinner, which attract the attention of the catfish
– Reinforced structure
– Long distance casting
– 3/0 trebles