Madcat wins award at Efttex

The EFTTEX is a trade fair, where all the manufactures come together and showcase their new product for the next season. Journalists from all over Europe show up to be the first ones to have a glance at the new products. All around the stands, manufactures from all over the world are showing what they have been working on the past year or two.

A tradition, Efttex is hosting, is to recognize the best new products of the year. A whole room with hundreds of new products are put on display for journalists to vote for. It is incredible to see the creativity being put in products from all manufactures, so to win an award is an incredible achievement and huge recognition from the industry.

Madcat has been fortunate to win in the past. No year is the same and every year products are getting better and competition harder.

This year, Madcat had 2 Best New Products entries. The X-Taaz Vertical Ext. 170 with extendable butt section and then also the Madcat A-STATIC Propeller Teaser. The Madcat A-STATIC Propeller Teaser made a huge impression on the crowd and it was voted “Best New Hard Lure” of the year. This is an incredible recognition from the industry and Madcat is very proud to receive this award. The receiver of the award was Lucas van der Geest, who is the product Developer of Madcat tackle.

This is the Madcat A-STATIC Propeller Teaser:

The most sophisticated clonk teasers available on the market until now: A-STATIC, silent but still screaming for attention: the MADCAT® A-STATIC Propeller Teasers. The body has no less than 4 wings, making it spin frantically, even at slow speed. Ideal for triggering attacks from aggressive catfish. Recommended for use in less pressured waters or for those moments when the catfish are on a feeding frenzy. Absolutely top of the bill, state of the art clonk teasers. A-STATIC, meaning: rubber coated, to minimize the electric field that spooks catfish. Note: the coating can wear off during usage.