Things always seem to happen when you least expect them…


Everyone who is out there regularly fishing for catfish knows the problem of getting bait fish.
We had enough bait fish for the first night, but after some beautiful cats and several attacks our stock on bait fish run short quickly! So the next day we had to take care of stocking up again. Equipped with feeder rod, a little bit of bait and corn we tried our luck in a shallow part of the lake. We struggled first but after a while our bait seemed to work and we finally managed to get them feeding on our spot. We were rewarded with a couple of good bream and crucian carp for the coming night. Just to be sure and also because we didn´t want to try our luck for bait fish again the following day, we decided to stick to it for a little while, trying to catch some more. But for some reason the fish stopped feeding from one minute to another. Really weird… usually that´s a sign of a predator occupying the swim. Nothing happened anymore so we decided to stop it for the day and hoped the bait fish we already had would last. I picked up the rod and suddenly there was this heavy resistance on the other end of the line. My counterpart started to move quickly and kept taking line of the reel. It was hard to put any pressure on the fish as I was using really light gear, obviously intended for catching small bait fish and not monsters like the fish I had just hooked. When I finally managed to stop the fish for the very first time, it raised my hopes in getting to see the fish, despite using light tackle. At the same moment, the fish started to take line again and he just didn´t stop, leaving me back with not a single chance to change it for now. This went on for quite a while; I managed to gain some line, only to have it taken off again when the fish went on the next run. After about 20 minutes tiring fight on light tackle, I finally gained the upper hand. An extraordinary sturgeon showed itself and it was the biggest one I ever caught to the day. What an incredible bycatch!

Christian Karo