Possibly the very first ever hard lure specifically developed for European catfish. The extremely narrow vibe make the balls inside scream murder! This lure is so loud that catfish simply can’t resist the urge to attack it. It is the ultimate catfish lure. Where other lures fail, this one catches. Tested over and over again, in several waters – it simply out fishes and out catches anything else on the market. There is a 90 gram version for spinning and a 20 gram heavier version for vertical jigging. The 110 gram model also runs deeper when spinning or trolling. Doesn’t matter of you cast or troll it, basically you can’t fish it wrong. As soon as the angler starts reeling it in, that very second, he can expect a mind-blowing strike. And after that: he’s in business! The 6X strong treble is exactly the right size, shape and strength and is sharper than anyone would expect from a treble of this proportion. And last but not least: every MADCAT Rattler is inline. In other words: the body can slide up the trace when pressure is applied, so the catfish can never use the body to throw the hook.
• Sinking
• Rattling
• Extremely narrow vibe
• Inline
• 6X strong and ultra-sharp 3/0 treble
• 220lb swivel
• 13cm long
• 90 and 110g heavy

Item NumberProduct NameColourSizeWeightSwimming ActionDepth Range
51856MADCAT INLINE RATTLER / ROACHRoach130mm90gSR0,50-2,00m
51857MADCAT INLINE RATTLER / RUDDRudd130mm90gSR0,50-2,00m
51858MADCAT INLINE RATTLER / PERCHPerch130mm90gSR0,50-2,00m
51859MADCAT INLINE RATTLER / FIRETIGER UVFiretiger UV130mm90gSR0,50-2,00m
51860MADCAT INLINE RATTLER / GLOW-IN-THE-DARKGlow-in-the-dark130mm90gSR0,50-2,00m
52204MADCAT INLINE RATTLERROACH130mm110gFast Sinking0.5-3.00m
52205MADCAT INLINE RATTLERRUDD130mm110gFast Sinking0.5-3.00m
52206MADCAT INLINE RATTLERPERCH130mm110gFast Sinking0.5-3.00m
52207MADCAT INLINE RATTLERFIRETIGER UV130mm110gFast Sinking0.5-3.00m
52208MADCAT INLINE RATTLERGLOW-IN-THE-DARK130mm110gFast Sinking0.5-3.00m