Catfishing from out of a belly boat gets more and more popular and therefor MADCAT® has come up with a special catfish belly boat: the tubeless MADCAT® Bellyboat 170cm. When developing this belly boat the people behind MADCAT® paid extra attention to strength, safety and stability. Therefor the MADCAT® Bellyboat is made of 0,70 and 0,90 millimeter thick PVC. It also has a wide, protective strap on the sides. The highly visible MADCAT® green colour ensures that the angler will be noticed on the water by other boat traffic. For maximum control over the boat and fish, the belly boat is longer than most bellyboats on the market at 1,7 meters. What also makes this bellyboat extra suitable for catfishing is the high, inflatable seat, allowing the angler to easily reach the water with his clonk. This is the ultimate, heavy-duty catfish bellyboat. Comes with a repair kit, foot pump and carry bag.

Item NumberProduct NameMax. LoadSize
51982MADCAT BELLYBOAT 170CM150kg170x125cm