Majestic fish on A-STATIC SPIN & JIG

Franck Sosa is a respected catfishangler, who dared to go out in this summer heat in pursue of cats. He has been using MADCAT SPIN & JIG System from the float tube. Here is his words on his most recent trip.

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Franck Sosa

With the current hot weather, the float tube is a good craft to have a stealth approach. The shade of the float tube is less smaller than the boat, which allows to me to get around with making a spectale.

That day, the best technique was fishing with the A-STATIC SPIN & JIG SYSTEM. The way I fish it, is to lower the rigged baitfish to the bottom, so the mouth touches the bottom. Then I apply a sudden raise with the rod, to make to baitfish jig. This creates both sound and a vibrance in the water, which the catfish picks up with its sideline. And, when the hooks is covered with A-STATIC rubber, the catfish does not pick up the electromagnetic impulses that comes from a metal hook.

This is what triggers the aggressiveness of the catfish that day and allowed me to make this majestic catfish.