Beat the heat

After a short midsummer break I was pleased to get back too the big river in the south of France. Especially because I really love summer breakline fishing, even though summer isn’t always the best fishing season.

I know catfish can be quite difficult during summer heat. Very often they are inactive during daytime and only go hunting at evening and during the night. Since I was fishing a two day session and I wanted to spread my chances by day and by night, it seemed obvious to choose a spot where I can both fish holding areas and feeding areas. Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 16.16.10

On arrival we had typical weather for the south off France: blistering heat all day long. The water temperature let no doubt about it: at 25 C we have a true summer fishing situation. The amount off natural food in the river is very high during summer, so it’s important to take great care of the bait and the presentation.

Fishing all alone means even more time needed to get the rods in, but the time seemed well spent: I had two takes during daytime and two other by night. This resulted in two catfish on the bank. The other two I missed. This happens because I often fish hair rigs in order to hurt the baitfish the less possible and keeping it lively and well even after several hours on the hook.
Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 16.17.31
By this mean it sometimes happens that the catfish takes the baitfish without inhaling it, and when this concerns a rather small catfish it often does not get hooked. I don’t worry about it because I know my hair rigs are very good ‘big fish’ rigs and they are much more safe aswell for the catfish as the angler himself.
The two fish I actually caught were no monsters, but it proved my plan was working: two takes came by day, on the subfloat rigs I presented in the holding area. The other two takes came by night, surface fishing with breaklines in the feeding area right in the margins. Even without a real monster cat, I enjoyed a great summer session, alone in nature. And for me, that’s what fishing is all about.

I wish the same too all of you. Go, fish, catch and enjoy!