MADCAT Prostaffer, Franck Sosa, has been doing some heavy lifting this autumn. In the end of September, Franck spend 7 days on a French river, in the hope of catching big catfish. It is quite fair to say that it went pretty well. In those 7 days of fishing, he ended up landing 12 catfish that measured more than 2m. The biggest one was a whopping 251cm monster. So how did he do it?

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 09.26.57

Franck Sosa is very fond of vertical fishing. When goes vertical, he uses the MADCAT White rod series. The white series is the best rodline from MADCAT. Everything has been optimised to cope with he biggest of the biggest. He always chooses models that has a parabolic action. This decreases the big head shakes from fish, where you often loose the fish either by loosing hooking or breaking the line.


On this trip, Franck was fishing with the MADDCAT SNAP-ON VERTIBALL. The reason why is that the rig is loose hanging, which makes it swim very natural. This makes it easier to fool a smart catfish. The loose rig also also provide him with a better hook up. He then looses less fish and that really shows on his incredible statistics.

The rest of the MADCAT team congratulates Franck on his big fish and hope to see more specimens like this.


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